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When I teach a painting class, I often challenge painters to think about painting the shapes which occur between objects. In the art world, we call it “painting the negative.” That is “emphasize the positive shapes by painting in the … Continue reading

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“INTO DEEP” (collage, 10X10X2 inches) “I like to have the maximum lack of control so things can happen that I can’t think of.” Robert Rauschenberg I’ve written about this quote before, emphasizing how it is that “thinking,” (rational logic) can … Continue reading

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Aspens in Taos

I savored these astonishing autumnal aspens on the property of the Fechin House in Taos, NM, home for a period of time in the twentieth century to artist Nicolai Fechin, a fabulous painter who came here from Russia. The house … Continue reading

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I’ve been tripping nearby; I’ve always claimed, “New Mexico is God’s country.”  Many of our nation’s finest painters came here early in the twentieth century. The light, the hues, the textures, the vistas, the spirit they found here is still … Continue reading

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Looking In, Looking out

“One eye looks within, the other eye looks without.” (Henri Cartier-Bresson)                          Window in the Duomo in Orvieto, Italy. The panes in this equisite window are very thin slices of alabaster. They allow a sacred glow into the sanctuary of … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Traces

Yesterday’s Traces watermedia/collage, 8×8 inches Invitations into the wilderness,  sift then lift the souls of recipients. Where shadows of relic life mimic fresher markings, the guest’s search for significance maps a challenging path. The resolute continue to delve through historic … Continue reading

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Western Ridge

Western Ridge (watermedia/collage on a cradled panel, 10X8X2) Hidden waters seep through crevices and between stones, whispering fertile messages to scrawny roots. Channels of wet life creep into trunks and branches persuading tentative yellow/orange/green leaves to flash and dance across … Continue reading

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Day’s End

  Abiquiu Sunset watermedia/collage, 8×8 inches Often brooding hot azure skies reluctantly relinquish their colors to dominant orange hues overtaking the realm. A dynamic argument on the horizon gives way to restless evening darkness ending the day’s cycle. Prayers of … Continue reading

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My mind is a busy place; careening, searching, considering, grasping, hoping. Much gets collected, sorted, held, dismissed, treasured. When my mind comes to center, Truth, accompanied by quietness, confidence resides. Recently, with more time in the studio, and more time … Continue reading

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Canyon Depths

Sharp ridges slash brilliant clear skies at midday. Haunting shapes can appear like a mirage in the canyon depths. When hikers journey deeper, courage is summoned with each meditative step.

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