Springtime Hope

We continue to get sparkles of springtime here. There’s wind, there’s cold, there’s springtime sunshine, there’s chill in the air, there’s blowing dust, there’s warm currents. The times of bright sun shining down on the bare treetops, some which are not so bare, continue to convince me that we will soon have days of uninterrupted sunshine. That’s the way it is here in the desert southwest. It’s one of the many things I love about living where I do. I can’t quite image myself living with real winters and coping with days and days of snow. These days of transition from what many wouldn’t even call winter into uninterrupted sunshine entice me, remind me that lasting sparkling warmth is near .

The studio is my refuge; there I can zone out, tune in to what’s happening on the inside of me, wrestle with it, attempt to dance with it, put it down in color and texture and shape. Sometimes I teeter along the edge between words and imagery. It brings to remembrance a quote from John Muir: “The sun shines not on us but in us. The rivers flow not past, but through us. Thrilling, tingling, vibrating every fiber and cell of the substance of our bodies, making them glide and sing. The trees wave and the flowers bloom in our bodies as well as our souls.”


Wind, wind, WIND……….a gale has been blowing all through the night and forecasters say it will continue throughout today and again tonight. The Soleri sandcast brass bells are ringing, some on the front ramada and others from hooks on the “breakfast tree” behind the house. The studio calls to me. There, despite the din of the wind and the thumping on the roof of the last pecans being blown from the trees, there is calm. The tiny paintings I’ve been working on are definitely a contrast to what’s happening outside. I suppose they speak of my hopes for blooms and blossoms and the peace of springtime. I see in them still waters and ways to experiment with floral shapes that show up when I scrape paint down the surface with the colors randomly deposited and see what has stained the archival illustration board. From transparent hues to deeper ones and opaque ones, the images emerge. Such fun! They carry me on adventures of assurance that springtime peace and joy are nearby!

“Still Waters” (information about this tiny painting is on the “Paintings” page of this site)


Tomorrow, March 2 will be the “take-in” day for Carlsbad Arts Exhibit at the Carlsbad Museum and Fine Arts Center. It is to be an all-media exhibit. I’ve been trying to decide which pieces to enter. Since my advanced skills and experience are in painting, mainly watermedia/collage paintings, that media will be my main entries. I plan to enter a brand new painting, “Nearer. ” The title comes from one of the collage pieces of music. The fragment comes from the old hymn, “Nearer My God To Thee.” The painting is 24X12X2 inches, painted on a cradled panel (no frame needed, the image extends around the edges).

“NEARER” 24X 12X2 inches, watermedia/collage, $400.00

I will also enter two other paintings, “Potential” and “Entrance” both of which can be viewed on the “PAINTINGS” page of this site. The big question that remains in my mind is whether to enter a piece or two of my clay works. I consider myself a novice, really not a clay artist at all since I use the clay in my own way and for my own playful outlet. I have paid little attention to the traditions of clay, put my pieces up for bisque firing, then embellish them with acrylic paints, raffia weavings, and trinkets of various forms. Nevertheless, they are inspired works of art, my own unique expressions, and although they don’t actually fit traditional media definitions, they can be exhibited as relief sculptures, fine arts/crafts or even in the pottery category. Maybe I’ll show up at the museum with “The Altar Series: Sacred Messages” and/or “The Tablet Series: Few Words”

THE ALTAR SERIES: SACRED MESSAGES is a clay box-like "altar" with a cathedral window shape cut in it, and filled with scrolls, a bundle of dried twigs are attached along with a clay bird perched on top.
“THE ALTAR SERIES: SACRED MESSAGES” 6x6x2 inches, embellished clay, $100.00

the Tablets continue….


On the “Clay Page” of this site I have explained a bit about the inspiration and development of the “Tablets Series.” Yesterday I completed another in the series, “More Words.” As with several of the other tablets, the overall shape suggests a cathedral window which suggests worship. Letters are spilling down the center of the tablet, maybe attempting to make more words, with tiny delicate bits of vegetation rising up below them. Of course words are the medium of expression the world relies on. I contend, along with others, that words are not necessarily the best means of expression……at least not in every instance. Is not music a universal medium that is understood in the intuitive mind, even when there are not lyrics accompanying it? So also are colors, textures and shapes used by the artist for expression.
“More Words” has a quotation from Josiah Cullen on the back:
Love bigger
Live Louder
Judge Lesser
Lift Higher
Josiah was diagnosed with severe autism in his toddlerhood. He does not speak but at age 10 or so he typed on his ipad, “God is a good gift giver.” He has continued to use his ipad to express his inspirations. The story of Josiah has been written by his mother Tahni Cullen in a book entitled JOSIAH’S FIRE. She says of him: “Autism stole his words, God gave him a voice.” When the book was recommended to me, I could not put it down. You can learn about Josiah online. He is a miraculous inspiration.
“THE TABLET SERIES: MORE WORDS: the full image can be seen on the Clay Page on this site. Thanks for reading my blog.

updating my website

I’ve been spending some time, not so much time, but energy, updating my website. It is old in “on-line” time, maybe 8-10 years old and way out of date as far as cyber world is concerned! Thanks to a loyal long time friend and her connections, the work has been done and now I’m learning the new ways… is not easy for me. This week I managed to delete all the paintings on the PAINTINGS page and had to send an emergency “help signal.” Fortunately she was able to restore it and remind me to be careful about what is “selected” when I “delete.” Meanwhile, I’m trying to keep my studio discipline intact along with all the other components of my schedule. I’m hoping and trusting that this updating and blogging will get to be a quick and small part of my week in the days ahead. This updating will help me stay in touch, have a better presence on the internet, and interact with people who are interested in the work I do. Meanwhile…….the tools are in readiness and so am I !


Revitalization!! There’s a newness here, at least it’s a newness for me. I’m making a valiant attempt to step up my awareness of today’s ways with websites. I’ve had this website for a long time but I haven’t kept current by updating to the ways it can be used so more people will find it, and also be intrigued by my works of art. Sharing my inspirations, my thoughts about the creative work I do, and showing the products which become paintings, collages, assemblages and clay works is an important aspect of what I do. Today I’m excited to extend a renewed invitation to you to come into my world of art by showing you what I have created. I welcome a response from you. We can develop a dialog, even possibly a friendship, involving my ideas about creativity and yours too!

Sacred Land
“Sacred Land” watermedia/collage, 10×10 inches

Gathering for Studio Day

The days have been blustery which causes our most-welcome pecans to fall to the roof of the house, to the yard, to the river. They are welcome wherever they fall so long as it is not on my head. This year they are plentiful and tasty! These windy days make the refuge in the studio or in the art room at the Artist Gallery inviting.

Since I taught an Innovative Watermedia/Collage workshop in October the students have wanted to continue to meet together to paint or work on their creative projects. It’s an encouraging endeavor and while the enthusiasm is lively the students will make an effort to work together every week for several weeks to get the process started and eventually  establish a monthly gathering for a studio day.Renee working

I’m wishing the best for this group and plan to participate. I know that the camaraderie that can develop will offer much encouragement to the  artists. I have my personal responses in that I love the camaraderie but I also find it a challenge to gather some materials together and go out of my amply stocked studio where everything I might need is close by, and I’m so entrenched in the solitude of working alone that I get distracted and am challenged to concentrate. Many artists thrive and are inspired by the interactions and I am too sometimes. I know one well established, mature artist who rarely paints in her studio. She produces most of her work while she is teaching and when she is painting with other artists. I’m thankful for the many ways we work and I  appreciate the unique ways of individuality.  I’m especially thrilled that my students want to continue to work together, hone their skills and encourage each other.


This year the team at the Artist Gallery decided on 6 venues for our historic artwalk in downtown Carlsbad. The Participants were The Carlsbad Museum, Bella, Candlewood, Art Uncorked and Bennie’s Western Store along with us. At our gallery, Dylan Taylor accompanied the many attendees viewing the art at the Artist Gallery with his acoustic guitar and occasional vocal renditions of regional music. Opening the Christmas Season with this traditional artwalk fills Carlsbad art-enthusiasts with a festive spirit. Attendance was brisk, filled with holiday greetings and many chatty conversations. The Artists filled the gallery with their latest works; the selections are outstanding. This year I was eager to show my new figure paintings:

All Joy Counted  It's Been Awhile

“All Joy Counted”         “It’s Been Awhile”

These two are representative of 5 I had on exhibit along with some new clay pieces and a couple of new landscape collages. I always look forward with great pleasure to the artwalk. It is the baby of Loretta Forbes, a painter and member of The Artist Gallery,  who first encountered an artwalk among some Northern New Mexico galleries and thought we could adapt such an event to our own locale. It has been a phenomenal success over the years. She continues to do much of the work to make it the joyfully anticipated event it has become.
Each year we send a beautiful direct mail invitation to our clients. This year the invitation bore this remarkable image, “LUV RST” painted by Sonja Bedinger, also an artist member of The Artist Gallery.


Sooo much delight! I like the experimentation with clay and now, there’s a new development: the clay is inviting me to “glaze.” It is compelling me to a richness that, for now is new to me, welcoming and an enigma. Up until now, I’ve mainly bisqued pieces in the kiln to make them durable then taken them to my studio for painting, smoking and embellishing. But the new pieces, which I am calling TABLETS, are glazed or partially glazed. The involvement with the Tablets is a drive to express something I don’t quite know how to say in words but it is something about communication. As I write this I’m remembering a statement by Georgia O’Keeffe, “I found I could say things with colors that I couldn’t say in any other way – things I had no words for.” I once heard an interview of an artist in which the interviewer talked of the meaning and the deeper meaning the artist seemed to be putting into his works. The artist responded with the idea that if he had a lot to say, in words, about his work, he had left something out of the work.

                                                                     THE TABLETS: J

The Tablet Series-JThe Tablet Series-J (detail 1)                                                             THE TABLETS: CREVICEThe Tablet Series-CreviceThe Tablet Series-Crevice (detail)THE TABLETS have been prompted by a passage in the Old Testament book of Habakkuk written during an urgent time when God told the prophet Habakkuk to let the people know of His revelation, “Write upon tablets” and make it plain so it can be read quickly, on the run. This series of visual expressions  have engaged me in a non-verbal way that holds ineffable meaning and invites me to continue. Ten Tablets have developed, more are in progress. The ones available for purchase are exhibited at The Artist Gallery in Carlsbad, NM, 120 South Canyon Street, 575-887-1210.
                                                                   THE TABLETS: TULIP                                                                              The Tablet Series-Tulip