RED HOT RED DOT SALE……January 10-11, 2020
Today is the beginning of the one annual sale the ARTIST GALLERY in Carlsbad, New Mexico has traditionally held during the first days of January. Through a series of goofs, this year the RED HOT RED DOT sale will not be a one or two day sale that our customers have grown to anticipate BUT it will be a sale that lasts NINE DAYS! Getting the sale promoted has been a main challenge this year but our intrepid contact with the radio stations which broadcast in the area, is carrying us through with all the ad/promotion she can cram into the next week. A number of the gallery artists have facebook pages and regularly post on them so the sale is being promoted that way along with a few “shares” from friends of the gallery. Because of our presence in the main downtown street, our display windows are another means of letting people know of the sale going on. It is alive with red dots. Everything, that is EVERYTHING in the gallery is priced at 20% off the marked price AND any item that has a red dot attached is 40% off. What a deal! I hope our devoted clients won’t wait since the sale is longer this year, that could mean losing out on their favorites since we expect outstanding sales and choice items are bound to go first.
All of my boxes of Christmas cards will have red dots ($15.00 each, will now be $9.00) along with a few of my framed paintings. All the clay pieces I have created this year have already sold during the holidays. Below is a “red dotted” piece: “NEW EVERY SPRING” (watermedia/collage painting) one of my favorite florals. It is 34X24 inches including a simple gold leaf frame. Its regular price is $750.00, that means it will go for $ 450.00 during the sale.