Into Deep“INTO DEEP”
(collage, 10X10X2 inches)

“I like to have the maximum lack of control
so things can happen
that I can’t think of.”
Robert Rauschenberg

I’ve written about this quote before, emphasizing how it is that “thinking,” (rational logic) can get in the way during creative pursuits. Recently I’ve had a deeper revelation about this quote. It is a spiritual lesson in letting go of control and trusting the ONE TRUE CREATOR to make things happen in my life, including my relationships, my prayers, my devotional practices, my giving, my studies. That is not to exclude my creative expressions in paint, paper and varied embellishments. I want to have “lack of control” even the “maximum lack of control” but just imagine what could happen! ! ! Chaos? or…more meaningful events, experiences, paintings, collages than I could possibly THINK of? Things can happen that my tiny finite mind cannot think of!
Could Rauschenberg have thought about the spiritual implications of this statement? Could he have thought, as I do, that all activities and thoughts have spiritual content? Or is this deeper spiritual revelation that has come through his words something that has happened that he couldn’t have thought of?

4 thoughts on “Trusting”

  1. I love that quote, too. Brian Andreas also has a quote about control I love that says something like “sometimes He gives me a handle to hold on to so I can maintain my illusion of control”
    I think most evolved spiritual beings know on some level we have only the illusion. Huge in it’s awesomeness, no?

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