Altar Series: ADVENT MEDITATION, collaged cradles with niche, embellished with papers, amber chips, twig, twine, beads. 12X6X2 inches, $100
embellished, collaged cradled panel with niche, 12X6X2 inches, (sold)

Toward Dusk
13X12X2 inches on a cradled panel (sold)

Toward Dusk

The assemblages incorporate a variety of materials to express the image. A list of materials used in each piece is listed below it. Please contact the artist for availability.

The central portion of Toward Dusk contains a  clay envelope created by the artist, handpainted and embellished with a “bat postage stamp,” string and beads. It is lined with frame moulding, beads, old wood scraps and a portion of a ruler. It is capped with a small piece of mitered frame moulding. The sides contain “bat postage stamps” from Poland, portions of an old family letter and paintings of bats in flight from their dark enclosed space. (sold)

Postcards From My Heart Series:
Postcard 37, Unlocked, and Postcard 29 (sold)

Each image: 10x8x2 inches on a cradled panel.

“Postcards From My Heart” have hand built clay pieces, keys,  small painted frames, and postage stamps.


Distant Dispatch

Distant Dispatch (sold)

12x12x2 inches on a cradled panel.

“Distant Dispatch” incorporates wood scraps, a small clay envelope bound with fibers, a copper stem with soldered bits, and a dark riverstone. (sold)


Fear Not! (sold)

Approximately 12x12x2 inches on a cradled panel.

“Fear Not!” contains scraps of old wooden cabinet doors, a handbuilt clay envelope with postage stamps, fibers, a stamped clay face, rusted metal, and bits of gold leaf. (sold)


Strateline (sold)

Approximately 12x12x2 inches on a cradled panel. “Strateline” includes an old “strateline” ruler, a handbuilt clay envelope with string binding and postage stamp, acrylic painted fragments and wood scraps.

Envelope Shrine

Envelope Shrine (sold)

Approximately 10x8x2 inches, contains scraps from a wooden
frame, other wood scraps, a paintbrush handle, a handbuilt clay
envelope with embellishments, postage stamps, beads and a fragment of an old handwritten letter.