Clay is a new medium of interest. Gwinn is experimenting with handbuilding at the co-op studio which operates under the umbrella of Carlsbad Area Art Association. Slowly she is learning about characteristics of clay, but mostly she is playing and attempting to express images of interest to her. Feel free to contact the artist about any of the work.

“BEE STUDIES, embellished smoked clay, aprox. 10X7X3inches, $200

THE PACKETS: These small pieces are extensions of the ongoing “ENVELOPE SERIES” which has been a part of my body of work for many years. They have evolved from the clay envelopes and are designed to be hung on the wall. They measure about the size of a traditional envelope, maybe 8X8inches and smaller (without the embellishments).

Vertical clay packet with postage stamps, dried stems, beads, wire and metal bird shape
Smoked Clay Packet (1) with embellishments  (sold)
Triangular shaped smoked clay packet with varied dried stems and a brown metal bird shape.
Smoked Clay Packet (2) with
 embellishments  (sold)

THE TABLET SERIES: The tablets are clay images inspired by a scripture in Habakkuk written during a time when God’s people urgently needed clarity. God’s answer to Habakkuk’s prayer was “Write down the revelation, and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it….Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.” (Habakkuk 2:2-3) Some of “The Tablet Series” are glazed, some are painted. They are embellished with a variety of trinkets, strings, weavings and beads.

Glazed stoneware with antique key embellishment
Blue Angel, 18X4 inches, (sold)

Glazed Stoneware with embellishments
“O” 15X4 inches, (sold)
TULIP (sold)
CREVICE (sold)
“FEW WORDS” 15x4x .5 inches, embellished clay.
"Few Words" is a clay image, 15X4X .5 inches, embellished with acrylic painting, beads and weaving.... $75.00
“FEW WORDS” (detail)
MORE WORDS” 16x4x.5 inches, embellished clay.
"More Words" is rusty brown and sky blue with a bird image, words spilling down the center to delicate, emerging foliage. It has a "nest-like" raffia weaving
“MORE WORDS” detail

(embellished clay)
The clay portion of these pieces is approximately 5X5X1.5 inches. “Intercessions” is approximately 10X5X1.5 inches. Some of them are glazed, others are painted. The embellishments are varied, including twigs, string, antique keys, beads, papers, feathers etc. They are designed to be hung on the wall.

Clay Altar approximately 6X6X2 inches, painted and embellished with scrolls, beads, sticks, string etc.
approximately 6X6X2 inches, (sold)
Altar Series: Missives
Altar Series:Listening
Altar Series: Intercessions
Altar Series: Offering
OFFERING     (sold)

Altar Series: Refuge
REFUGE  (sold)

(painted and embellished clay)

Bunny Angel #1
Bunny Angel #1 detail
Bunny Angel 2
Bunny Angel 2, detail
The Tablet Series-Email (detail 1)
The Tablet Series-Email


(glazed stoneware clay with embellishments) sold

The Altars: Offerings
OFFERINGS : approximately 10X4X1.5 inches    (sold)
The Altars-Offerings (detail 1)
OFFERINGS (detail)
The Altars - Seems To Tarry
SEEMS TO TARRY  approximately 10X4X1.5inches  (sold)
 The Altars - detail
SEEMS TO TARRY  (detail)
Wings of the Wind
Wings of the Wind

Let This Be Written
Altar Series: Formed for Frolic

ALTAR SERIES: FORMED FOR FROLIC earthenware clay with embellishments 15X8X2 inches (actual clay portion 5X5X2) (sold)

Altar Series: Petitions

ALTAR SERIES: PETITIONS earthenware clay with embellishments 7X5X1.5 inches  (sold)

Earth Angel 10

EARTH ANGEL 10 (sold)

Earth Angel 8 detail

EARTH ANGEL 8 (detail, sold)

Earth Angel 2

EARTH ANGEL 2 (sold)

Earth Angel 4 detail

EARTH ANGEL 4 (detail, sold)

K's Word Angel

K’s Word Angel (sold)

A's Word Angel

A’s Word Angel (sold)

The Altars: Confessopm

The Altars: Confession Bisqued, smoked clay and embellished with text (graphite), bamboo sticks, twine,  and acrylic paints. 12X5X1.5 inches                                   (sold)

The Altars: Sea Shrine

The Altars: Sea Shrine Bisqued, smoke fired clay with sea shells, pecan twigs, twine, beads, and rusted metal. 12X5X1.5 inches (sold)

Clay Mail: Raven Talk
 RAVEN TALK (sold)
Clay Mail: Mogollon Mail Pouch
Clay Mail: New Beginnings by Helen Gwinn
THE ENVELOPE SERIES: NEW BEGINNINGS (Handpainted clay with embellishments)sold