Aspens in Taos

Four Aspens

I savored these astonishing autumnal aspens on the property of the Fechin House in Taos, NM, home for a period of time in the twentieth century to artist Nicolai Fechin, a fabulous painter who came here from Russia. The house and studio have many of his creative appointments, carvings and some of his paintings and drawings.  It is open-to-the-public, a delightful inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Aspens in Taos”

  1. Hello. I am the author of this poem and gave no permission for it to be published here. This is a copyright and privacy violation. Please remove it immediately. If you would like to link to the poem where it is published on my website, you have my permission for that ALONE. But you do not have permission to publish/republish my poem! Please respond immediately.
    Thank you.

  2. REMOVE THIS POEM FROM THIS SITE IMMEDIATELY. It is not even correctly quoted, but more importantly you did not have permission to publish it here!

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