Thirty in thirty


Wow, this is day 10……….I don’t know if I have 5 more paintings since the last post. I spent Friday sanding and gessoing six clay angels (no! 5, because I broke one) that had just survived the bisque firing. I also gessoed three cradled panels. For Saturday I have:

Postcard 2                                                                POSTCARD
                                                     (watermedia/collage, 6X8 inches)
For Sunday, there was a Sabbath rest, and for Monday and Tuesday, the 8th and 9th, there are two more:
Light Infusion 2                                                              LIGHT INFUSION
                                                    (watermedia/collage, 16X10 inches)

Landscape Segments                                                          LANDSCAPE SEGMENTS
(acrylics on canvas, 8X10 inches)
And with two more images, I have ten new pieces thus far, whew, it IS indeed a challenge.

Words Create                                                        WORDS CREATE
(watermedia/collage on paper, 11X14 inches)

Smoked, bearing gift
                                                    EARTH ANGEL: BEARING GIFT
(smoked clay with embellishments)

Space, literal space and emotional space. I’m surprised by space in the creative process. In the past I have advised my students to pamper their paintings, especially when they are struggling with them. “Take them for a ride,” I suggest (I literally stick a painting-in-progress in the car with me when I run errands, glancing at them at times when I’m not concentrating on their well-being). Also: Give them a name; tell them they are wonderful; assure them that you are in charge and the outcome will be brilliant. Sometimes I prop a problem painting up somewhere in the house to look at it when I’m “not looking.” I have a good place to prop a painting in the bedroom. It’s become a joke between Allen and me for him to ask, “Who are we sleeping with tonight?” “LANDSCAPE SEGMENTS” got the treatment this week. The space between the telephone table and the faded caramel corduroy chair prompted a new way of looking at the “land forms” that were developing. The emotional space rising out of my sleeping consciousness was enough to facilitate the completion of the little gem.




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