Thirty in Thirty

 I haven’t posted my recent Thirty-in-thirty results…..but my brushes have been busy. Here are most of the little gems which haven’t been posted yet. I have been out of the studio a couple of days this week to go to Plainview, Texas to see the traveling portion of the 2013 American Watercolor show, a most worthy reason to get behind in the challenge. I will catch up, I’m confident of that for I have returned home on the wings of inspiration. I have seen, studied, contemplated, and been bathed in exquisite watermedia paintings… kind of fun!
Earth Angel-with orange bandanaEARTH ANGEL
Hope is hearing the melody of the future. Faith is dancing to it.

(watermedia/collage, 7X5 inches)

(watermedia/collage, 7X7 inches)

(watermedia/collage, 8X6 inches)
Earth Angel-one wing
(painted clay with embellishments)
We are, each of us, angels with one wing. We can fly by embracing one another.Packet TiesWESTERN PACKET
(collage, 8X6 inches)

(watermedia/collage, 10X8 inches)

Earth Angel-twigsEARTH ANGEL
(painted clay with embellishments)
Let all the angel throng sing thanks to God on High.


One thought on “Thirty in Thirty”

  1. Your works look great! I have no doubt that some of them feel less settled than others, but your comments about lowering your standards don’t hold water. Perhaps speaking about them as shifting standards would fit better.
    I love your practice of taking your works for a ride, do they like picnics too? It is so true how perspective in all aspects of life sheds new lights.
    Thanks for sharing your gifts and humanness so openly with the world.
    Very inspiring!

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