Thirty in thirty

Today’s blog continues my involvement with “Thirty in thirty.” Today is September 5, day 5, of the challenge to produce 30 new images this month so I’m posting new images that have been produced………………..and pondering a few thoughts:
Numbers 2, 3, 4, 5:
In The Cleft 2

IN THE CLEFT (watermedia/collage on paper)Days Cut Short                                        DAYS CUT SHORT (watermedia/collage on paper)

Ridge 2


RIDGE (acrylics on paper)

Earth angel-singing bird                                                  EARTH ANGEL-SINGING BIRD
(painted, embellished clay)
I regret that these pictures are from my “lowered standards.” I just haven’t figured out what kept them from being better representations of the brighter colors in the paintings. Today I’m posting a quote from Madeleine L’Engle: “Inspiration far more often comes during the work than before it.” I think this quote comes from her book Walking On Water.  She was my son’s favorite writer when he was in junior high. I have loved her writings too. She claimed that she started getting herself into “writing mode” each morning by sharpening her pencils, never mind that she never wrote with pencils, but always with a typewriter or keyboard. Creative types have their rituals. When I enter my studio, I feel the call of the Spirit, and especially if there is cleaning/organizing/straightening to do……..I can start on those chores but after handling papers/paints/brushes/beads/etc. it’s pretty difficult to get the chores done and much easier to experiment with putting several textures together on my drafting table and adding a bit of Napthol Orange or another few scraps of paper and glue…….then I’m into it.



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