Thirty in Thirty

I’m on the fence. Having been challenged to produce thirty images in thirty days, I’m still waffling about taking it and giving it a go. You see, I’m a slow, ponderous creator.  I’m glad it is thirty-in-thirty and not one a day. It’s a September thing and many artists are stepping up. Two remembrances come to mind, neither of which are exact memories. One is that I remember being told that a famous poet, and my unclear memory is that it was William Butler Yeats, wrote a poem every morning before breakfast. He advised his students to do the same. When one pert student asked him how he could possibly do such a thing, he quickly claimed, “I lower my standards.”
The other remembrance is a challenge from the well known abstract artist, Katherine Chang Liu, “If you paint full days for two weeks, you will have a breakthrough.” I’m not sure of the benefits of thirty-in-thirty. The only one I can think of right now is that it would take me close to producing my 2000th image, which is a benefit of dubious merit. Lowering my standards, how could that benefit my work?  If it would give me a breakthrough, that would be a worthy benefit….but that is a topic for another blog, weeks from now. Speaking of blogs, maybe I should consider a challenge in that segment of my production, especially since my last blog was in June.

Number one:Plans For A FuturePLANS FOR A FUTURE
(watermedia/collage on paper)

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