Mixed Media

Cliff Gifts Series: Western Offering, 12X24X2inches on a cradled panel

What medium to call this image? Is it a collage? Is it an assemblage? Added to the surface of a watermedia* painting is a folded paper envelope, which would put it somewhat into the “collage” category. But also added to the surface are a stick and a twig with painted cotton string wrappings, clay and glass beads and a metal disk which could tip it into the category of “assemblage.” Generally I prefer not to use the term “mixed media” because it is so all-inclusive and can mean just about anything from paint and fabric to clay with embellishments.
Actually using anything to get to the expression I want to depict is my favorite way of working. I don’t like to be limited to a “watercolor painting” or an “acrylic painting” or even to “collage ” which is closer to my way of creating. I want to be free of labels. But I must say I love words and I do indeed give much consideration to my titles, searching my mind as I work as to what “name” the image needs. (By the way, “The Cliff Gifts Series” now contains over 100 images.)
I don’t have a “Mixed Media” page here on this website for reasons mentioned above. That leaves me in a quandary of where to post such images as the one above. I’ve put it on the “Paintings” page. Where do you think it belongs?
*”watermedia” is a term used for acrylics(used much like watercolors), watercolors, goache and other media using water as the medium for mixing.

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