Tomorrow, March 2 will be the “take-in” day for Carlsbad Arts Exhibit at the Carlsbad Museum and Fine Arts Center. It is to be an all-media exhibit. I’ve been trying to decide which pieces to enter. Since my advanced skills and experience are in painting, mainly watermedia/collage paintings, that media will be my main entries. I plan to enter a brand new painting, “Nearer. ” The title comes from one of the collage pieces of music. The fragment comes from the old hymn, “Nearer My God To Thee.” The painting is 24X12X2 inches, painted on a cradled panel (no frame needed, the image extends around the edges).

“NEARER” 24X 12X2 inches, watermedia/collage, $400.00

I will also enter two other paintings, “Potential” and “Entrance” both of which can be viewed on the “PAINTINGS” page of this site. The big question that remains in my mind is whether to enter a piece or two of my clay works. I consider myself a novice, really not a clay artist at all since I use the clay in my own way and for my own playful outlet. I have paid little attention to the traditions of clay, put my pieces up for bisque firing, then embellish them with acrylic paints, raffia weavings, and trinkets of various forms. Nevertheless, they are inspired works of art, my own unique expressions, and although they don’t actually fit traditional media definitions, they can be exhibited as relief sculptures, fine arts/crafts or even in the pottery category. Maybe I’ll show up at the museum with “The Altar Series: Sacred Messages” and/or “The Tablet Series: Few Words”

THE ALTAR SERIES: SACRED MESSAGES is a clay box-like "altar" with a cathedral window shape cut in it, and filled with scrolls, a bundle of dried twigs are attached along with a clay bird perched on top.
“THE ALTAR SERIES: SACRED MESSAGES” 6x6x2 inches, embellished clay, $100.00

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