I’ll be in Albuquerque this week to teach the Masterworks workshop for the New Mexico Watercolor Society. The class is full. I will present a demonstration of painting/collage after lunch(starting at one o’clock) on Wednesday to which the public is invited. It will be in the Hispanic Arts Building at Expo New Mexico (The State Fairgrounds) in conjunction with the Masterworks Art Exhibit. This will be an exciting time for me. We will be painting intuitively, trusting that good things develop when we let go of too much rational thinking. We will be painting tissues, making stamps, gluing and folding and building………stepping outside the box, knowing we are free to paint the worst painting in America, enroute to greater facility with our expressions.  Good things will happen, I’ve never seen it fail.

Only when he no longer knows what he is doing
  does the painter do good things!  Edgar Degas
Window Series: Hope kContainedWindow Series: Hope Contained
8X8 inches, framed: 13X13, simple mahogany frame, watermedia/collage

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