Weems International Artfest

Twenty three years! It’s hard to believe but I’ve been showing my works of art at the Weems International Artfest for twenty three years!  An amazing range of emotions and experiences fill that history. Frustration, exhilaration, joy, madness, delight, sadness, hope satisfaction, affirmation….you name it, it’s been part of Artfest.  Jeni, my daughter has been my right-hand helper at the show for about 8-10 years, before that Allen, my husband,  made it all work for me.  These days, the division of labor goes like this: I create the works, document them, maintain the mailing list, file the photographs and do some of the framing.  Allen photographs the work,  packs it and loads it into the car.  Jeni unloads, installs and makes sales (she’s an all-round friendly PR person). I help them with their jobs and they help me with mine except for creating the works. What a deal! I’m one fortunate artist to have such a devoted and loving “staff.” Truly I could not do it without them!
I will take my new pieces from The Window Series which I wrote about in the last blog. Here are a few. I have posted some of the others  on the pages of my website. (Note: click on the pages along the bottom of the heading on the homepage of the site)

Window Series: Finestra The Window Series: Finestra                                                             watermedia/collage, 15X15 inches. This one is “floating in a clear maple frame.Window Series: Habemus ad DominumThe Window Series: Habemus ad Dominum
collage, 10X10 inches, matted and framed in clear maple.

Window Series: Western WindowThe Window Series: Western Window
collage, 10X10 inches, matted and framed in clear maple

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