The Pottery Studio

New energy is bouncing around the Pottery Studio. Tuesday and Thursday have been established as days when help/instruction/discussion is available. A delightful cadre of “newbie” potters with exciting hopes are working with a master potter present for encouragement and assistance.  Experiments and practice amid much exchange of ideas sparkle with creativity. I thoroughly enjoy being there/working there/interacting there but I’m so accustomed to working in solitude in my own studio that I sometimes come home reeling with all the chatter in my head. It takes me awhile to transition back into the quiet where I enjoy being/working/thinking also.
At the pottery I’m continuing to work on my ideas of newness, rebirth and beginnings. Nests, envelopes, birds seem to be the main imagery expressing that for me right now. “Clay Mail” envelopes continue and a few “Word Angels” are in progress.

3 thoughts on “The Pottery Studio”

    1. Thanks Linda, your comment on the pottery studio showed up. I’ll check about a place to comment on the book. I am also learning to manage my site. I’ve had a website for years but it was always managed by a webmaster. I wanted to add a blog so she is helping me learn to manage the site and keep the blog going.

    2. Linda: I’ll add a picture or two of the new clay pieces within a day or two, maybe add a couple of works-in-progress. I’m having fun with the clay, it’s definitely a side trip for me. I’m about ready to post new paintings also.

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