In The Crags

Cliff Gifts III, trimmedThe gifts that are available to us from our natural surroundings are no simple matter. My beloved Desert-Southwest with its ancient enduring cliffs and canyons draws me toward its gifts; some are vast and obvious but some are subtle and hidden. My involvement with the “Cliff Gifts Series,” an extensive group of mixed-media paintings, leads me deeper into the canyons of my being and into the canyons of God’s creation. I’m finding rock-solid grace, the bedrock of endurance, and the continuity of hope. It’s all there, and also to be found there, though it sometimes requires a search, are the seeps of delicate newness, fragile growth, and even streams. In the crags, among the boulders, between the rocks of life, there are poignant gifts of exquisite beauty, tiny graces that feed the ponds of joy and embellish the textures of each day.
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