During my time with the Art For Soul Critique group in Albuquerque, I selected a couple of my works-in-progress to work on. I remembered to take a few photos while I was working on the watermedia/collage piece which developed into an expression about geraniums and windows, which it seems are becoming symbols for my explorations of “Looking in-looking out:


This”start” has several layers of paint with collage papers glued to the surface. A cruciform composition is beginning to develop.



Tasso Start 2

Decisions have been made about developing the upper white collage piece into a peaked shape, reds are shaped into geranium blooms and upper right is developing into geranium leaf shapes.


3 geraniums, 3 windowsThe white collage paper on the lower right inspired me to think in terms of three windows, balancing out the idea of three geraniums. Three of anything beautiful in a composition reminds me of the Holy Trinity. I accented the little reds in the lower windows, and suggested divisions within the window spaces. I like the whites; they suggest a glowing light inside, maybe also reflections. I think it is finished; what shall I name it?

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